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My Nature Table

My Nature Table creates seasonal, nature-inspired activity sets for 3 to 8 year olds, with the aim of encouraging children to explore the natural world.  Each pack contains nature identity cards, craft activities, seeds to grow flowers and edible plants, and a story to link it all together. My brief is to create motif-style images to illustrate these areas.

My Nature Table winter activity box
Autumn oak leaf illustration
Holly leaf illustration
Fir cone illustration
Hawthorn berries illustration
Wheat ears illustration
Winter seed head illustration
Pea shoots illustration
Earthworm illustration
My Nature Table - seed packets and planting
Grape hyacinth illustration
Microgreens (pea shoots) illustration
Microgreens (mustard sprouts) illustration
My Nature Table - Winter birds activity card
Blackbird illustration
Blue Tit illustration
Microgreens growing card
Scavenger bag activity card
Wooden bird activity card
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