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Garden Organic

National charity Garden Organic works with schools, communities, individuals and businesses to promote organic gardening and growing.

The charity commissioned me to create illustrations for their education packs, plus a map and trails for the organic demonstration gardens in Warwickshire, as well as posters and designs for the national Food for Life Programme (in partnership with the Soil Association).

Ryton Organic Gardens Map
Garden Organic Discovery Trail
Garden Organic - Ryton Gardens Map
Garden Organic Creature Trail
Organic garden habitats - log pile
Wellie boot planters
Plastic bottle cloches
Classic greenhouse
Millilpede illustration
Ground beetle illustration
Pseudo-scorpion illustration (compost bugs)
Ant illustration
Buff-tailed Bumblebee illustration
Hazel Dormouse illustration
Common Toad illustration
Pipistrelle bat illustration
Grass Snake illustration
Hedgehog illustration
Barn Owl illustration
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