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Darwin Ensemble Chamber Orchestra

Orchestra illustration

The critically acclaimed Darwin Ensemble Chamber Orchestra (DECO) brings together some of the Midlands’ best musicians for concerts and collaborations. DECO commissioned me to create a picture of the orchestra for use on their website and marketing material, and a set of images for their “Meet the Instruments” series.

Bassoon (clown of the orchestra) illustration

The Bassoon – known as the “Clown of the Orchestra”.

Illustration of skeletons playing harpsichord

The Harpischord - was famously (if not altogether kindly) described as sounding like "two skeletons copulating on a tin roof in a thunderstorm".

Cello illustration

The Cello – brings a great depth of sound but is difficult to transport and requires its own seat when flying.

Oboe illustration

The Oboe – its name derives from the French Haut Bois (high wood).

Illustration of angel with harp and Guinness

The Harp – associated with angels. And Guinness.

Violin illustration (labelled)

The Violin – DECO’s founder is a violinist, so no humour was permitted in this image (or maybe there's just nothing funny about violins...).

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